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65 Years
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FPS Pulito borns as a new project of Spival S.p.A a leader manufacturer, since 1953, of accessories for commercial and household cleaning machinaries like: vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrubbers and sweepers

Everything begin from this, the idea, the innovation that have ever been the beacon to follow in our company. FPS Pulito borns with the aim to create a new line of cleaning equipment for the commercial and house- hold cleaning based on 65 years of experience in cleaning accessories. The idea was to make a modern full feature mop frame in one piece, at first just in plastic than also in aluminum and plastic.

Spival from 1953

In 1953 Mr. Vasco Spinelli, who came from a brush maker’s family, settled the company Spival S.p.A. that start- ed producing brushes for floor-polishers. During this 60 years Spinelli family continued to carry the company in particular developing technological and production aspects. Spival gives today a complete production chain from the development to manufacturing for brushes and accessories for cleaning equipment and industrial uses. Today the company has a R&D department that in junction with the internal plastic mold making work- shop provide new products to the molding department that counts on 26 injection machinaries and a brush making department with 13 tufting machineries and 4 strip brush machinerires.